There are many ways to pass a drug test, you can use various home remedies, natural detox, detox pills, drinks and of course synthetic urine. Many people say do not use synthetic urine for drug test because it doesn’t work, but it’s completely false.

I have passed multiple urine tests in the last 5 years and I always used synthetic urine except for one occasion, when the test was supervised and I didn’t want to risk smuggle synthetic urine in the testing room and using fake pee.  Actually, I used two synthetic urine brands only, I know both of them to work and they are a million times safer than certo or any magic pills for a drug test.

Most Popular Methods To Pass A Urine Drug Test

Most youtube videos and also many websites recommend detox pills, detox drinks and Certo to pass a drug test. I know some guys who actually failed with the most expensive detox pills even if they were clean from drugs for 7-10 days. And I know 5+ other guys who failed with Certo. One of them went back to jail because of this stupid method. Our body works a different way, we are not the same, what works for you might not work for me, none of these methods are guaranteed because no one knows how your system will react. I found this comment under a youtube video:

„ – Why would anyone use Certo to pass a drug test, when there are professional detox products on the market, like detox pills and cleansing drinks.

-People are using it for a quick fix. The science behind it seems legit (it doesn’t “coat” the stomach). Not sure how people came to that. It binds with Bile (which contains THC metabolites) in the small intestine and helps prevent RE-ABSORPTION into the bloodstream to be excreted by the bowels.

So to assist in “detox” over a period of time (like two or three weeks) It definitively seems it would be helpful in eliminating THC from the body as most THC is fat soluble, broken down by the liver, and excreted in the bile. $182 for detox pills? I bet all it is B vitamins with Pectin/Certo. What else can they do to “help” detox the body? „

The truth is it might coat or it might not, it’s like flipping a coin, but why would you risk your job with this method if there are much safer ways for passing a urine test?

Use The Best Synthetic Urine Brand For Drug Test And You Will Pass Guaranteed

The best synthetic urine for drug test (in my opinion) called Sub Solution. This synthetic urine contains over 10 different chemicals that are normally found in human urine.

  • If the lab test for urea, uric acid, PH or anything like that you are good.
  • If the lab checks the color, small or even the foam of your urine sample – You are good because Sub Solution looks and smells like real pee, most synthetic urine actually has slightly greenish/fake color, but Clear Choice Sub Solution looks exactly like real pee.


best synthetic urine for drug test

How To Keep Fake Urine Sample On The Right Temperature

Most people fail with fake urine because their sample is either too hot or too cold. Normally you have to heat up the sample at your home in your microwave, then wrap it with something that keeps the urine on the desired temperature, it’s usually a heating pad or a handwarmer. The other problem is it often doesn’t work. These are low-quality products (usually from China) so you can not really rely on them, especially not if your job or even your freedom is on the line.

With Sub Solution it’s way easier. Just fill the flask with lukewarm water ( You can actually do that in the testing facility’s restroom) when you are in the testing room, add the urine powder and shake it well, a few seconds later and the 30-40% of the heat activator powder from the amber vial and the sample should be ready.

The flask comes with a built-in thermometer so you can read the temperature easily. If it’s not warm enough, just add a little more powder, it works super fast, you will see the temperature rise within a few seconds. It’s a good idea to keep the flask in your underwear, no one going to touch you there, better than smuggling urine in your pocket.

Other Brands To Consider

If for any reason you can not get your hands on Sub Solution, I recommend you to buy Quick Fix 6.2 or Monkey Whizz synthetic urine, both are high quality, they both contain uric acid, urea, and a few other chemicals, the problem is they don’t come with heat activator powder so it’s not that easy to keep it warm. As I know both also contain biocide, some labs check for the presence of those chemicals if they find it in your sample, that means its fake. However, if it’s a simple pre-employment drug test, these brands will do the job and you will pass your test guaranteed. There is a great article about synthetic urine, if you are planning to use fake pee for a drug test, check out StudentsWithDiabetes.Com.

After checking that post, all of your questions gonna be answered for sure. By the way, there is a new product I would recommend, its called Clear Choice Quick Luck synthetic urine. Its basically the same as Sub Solution, but its formula is more powerful, it contains more chemicals and the sample looks 100% real, just like human pee. Quick Luck is premixed, while Sub Solution is a powdered urine kit, so if you choose Quick Luck, you do not have to mess with urine powder. I personally do not think its a big deal, mixing urine powder with water takes about 1 minute, I have done it multiple times, nothing can go wrong with it.

Clear choice has another new product its called the practice kit. It’s an empty flask and a vial of heat activator powder. So if it’s your first time using synthetic urine for a drug test, you can practice it the whole process 2-3x at home. The reason why most people fail is the temperature if you can not bring it up to the right level you are failed. So with this practice kit, you can practice the most essential part at home. This urine kit costs around 60$, but if you buy it in a combo with Quick Luck or Sub Solution, the price will drop significantly. If its an important job and you are scared, this product is highly recommended.

The price difference is 20$, so if you are looking for an ultra safe and easy way to pass a piss test, Quick luck synthetic urine is definitely the way to go.

synthetic urine kit

What If The Test Is Supervised

So if you want to pass a urine drug test, there you have it. Just make sure to use the best synthetic urine brand and hide it carefully before entering the testing lab. I recommend to hide it in your underwear, this urine is unisex works for male and female too, no need to purchase expensive female urinator devices.

If the test however supervised (it’s actually very rare) then synthetic urine is not recommended, there are some high-quality detox drinks that actually work, but they require more preparation and they are not as safe as synthetic urine.  I could write an entire article about detox drinks, but I will just name a few that actually works and some that are very bad quality and you shouldn’t consider using them.

Bad ones:

  • Magnum Detox drink
  • Stinger
  • Qcarbo’s entire product line
  • Jazz Total Detox
  • Vale Detox

These are very low-quality ones you should never buy them, if you have no choice, try the certo method it’s still safer than any of these. I will post an article on detox drinks soon, but as I said, if you can, always use fake pee for your drug test, absolute safest way to pass a drug test. It’s important to not enough to buy the best synthetic urine brand on the market, you should learn how to use it if you have some spare money, purchase a Clear Choice practice kit or a spare bottle of Sub Solution and practice the entire process.