detox drinks for drug test

As I mention in my previous synthetic urine review post, I will talk a ittle bit about cleansing drinks or we can call them detox drinks. Many people think these products are all scam and non of them work, however it’s not true. There are many bad quality THC detox drinks on the market (mostly on Ebay, Amazon and Walmart), but there are a handful of quality, trsted brands that you can use to pass your urine test. First I will mention a few that you should avoid, and then how to use detox drinks, when to use them and what are the best brands in 2019.

The Worst Detox Drink That You Can Buy For A  Drug Test

The worst detox drinks are actually not real detox drinks, they are not going to detox you nor mask toxins in your system. These low quality “detox drinks” are marketed very well, they have fancy packing and promising everything. However these detox drinks are mostly just coored water with some fiber and B12 vitamin, sometimes just colored water.

The instructions are all the same, do natural detox for a couple of days, preferably for a week and then drink as much water as you can on the day of the test and hope it will be enough to flush everything toxic out of your system, if you follow this plan you do not really need a detox drink, especially not colored,sweetened water. The worst brands are:

  • Stinger Detox
  • Jazz Total Detox
  • Magnum
  • Vale Detox
  • Qcarbo16

If you plan to use any of these you will most likely fail.

Detox Drinks that Actually work

The best detox drinks for drug test are all high quality, non of them cheap, and they have been around for years. These are usually not available in big online pharmacies that’s why they are not so popular. Clear Choice 32Oz is probably the best detox drink on the market, if you have an upcoming supervised drug test, this is the absolutebest choice. I got this message on my youtube video, it proves that it actually works:

Oke guys listen! Please note I’m a hardcore smoker, I smoked on some loud stuff twice, three hits 4 days ago. I woke up and tested myself and was positive. I was fuckin nervous because I  just knew weed would have been out my system by now completely. I ate my last meal before 4 pm.

I waited 4 hours before I ate or drank, I did smoke a bit in between. At 7:30 I drank Rescue Cleanse and followed directions to the T. (drank bottle, refilled with a couple of times) I did that but noticed I wasn’t peeing as fast as I wanted to.

Then I drank like 50% of a water bottle to speed it up. I pee’d twice and on the third time I tested myself. I used 2 home drug test to make sure it was real and yes! I passed them. Clear Choice Resuce Cleanse works. I’ll have to make another detailed review when I heavily smoke, but yes it did work pefectly. I’m 5’50 about 195lbs.

The second one I would recommend is Ultra Eliminex. It’s really great stuff, works for all body types even if you are a big guy with large body fat, this drink will mask all the toxins for 5 hours so you can submit clean urine. Even if it has very strong formula I suggest to everyone to do natural detox as long as possible before the drug test. If you eliminate let’s say 50% of toxins in your body, the detox drink will have to take care of the other 50% only.

If non of these are available I would suggest Mega Clean with toxin rid pre rid pills. This combo in only available online, you can not buy it will pills in Walmart or CVS. This combo works like a charm and it costs only 69$, I have used Toxin Rid for full permanent detox 2 years ago when I wanted to get clean permanently and it really works. If you do not smoke for 2-3 days before the test, eat healthily and drink plenty of water, this combo will take care of the rest, it’s guaranteed.