drug test at work

Drugs have affected our bodies in different ways depending on how the drug is administered and even the drug itself.some of them can be temporary and others permanent. Sometimes drugs can affect people differently depending on many reasons like the health of the person, the quantity one takes and many other reasons.

People use drugs without considering the harm they are causing to the body. Even if you take the drug on occasions or a social user as they may say drugs have the same effect.  Drugs can affect social, physical and mental health.


Drug abuse can affect the mental state of a person. Usually, drugs alter how someone thinks because how someone thinks is clouded by substance abuse.  For example use of some drugs can make have a false sense of happiness which is never the case.

The reason is that the drug has altered the brain’s ability to function well.

Sometimes excessive use can damage the brain cells completely making someone get mental illness which can only be corrected at a  mental institution and a rehabilitation center.  In some case, the psychological damage can be permanent and cannot be cured.


The general health of a drug abuser usually affects the physical nature of a person. Even if you are a social user, the effect may be visible in some instance. In some cases, the drug can make someone grow excessively fat or thin but most it usually makes one weak. This is because when one becomes an addict because they will neglect themselves and concentrate on the drugs, this happens because appetite reduces drastically due to the substance.

The abuser may look malnourished and weak. The person taking the drug may not notice, but with time they seem worse because of increased intake. The only way out is rehabilitating the person.


Drug users are more likely to get infected with diseases because their immunity lowers with the increase in use. Drugs that are injected into the body usually cause a lot of health hazards to the user. The drugs can cause the heart to increase the rate at which it beats and even leads to a heart attack.

Sometime the needles used could transmit diseases like HIV and AIDS or hepatitis to the users. The users might not know when they were infected. Sometimes drugs can damage our internal body organs like liver or kidney which can lead diseases associated with the ineffectiveness of the organs.

Drug use can affect short- and long-term health outcomes. Some of these health outcomes can be serious, and possibly irreversible.


Drug use outcome sometimes can be severe and irreversible. The only way out is to abstain from using them, and one is already hooked to it consider rehabilitating them. In some cases, drug abuse can make one not be able to get children. This usually happens when one uses the drug for long. Most importantly educate Children on the dangers of the drugs when they are young. However if you are used drugs and you want to detox your system or just pass a drug test, check out my previous post for detailed info.