drug testing at work

Drug testing at the workplace can be a real pain in the ass. I do not support using drugs or alcohol while you are at work, but since marijuana has been legalized in California I feel that it’s really unfair. You are free to grow, purchase and smoke weed, but if it’s found in your system you still get in serious trouble.

If you smoked weed at home on Saturday night (which is perfectly legal) you can still get into serious trouble if you get drug tested next week. Marijuana, the most harmless drug stays in your system the longest period of time, funny!

As we need its legal to smoke and buy, but some people still can not accept this, some still hate on marijuana without knowing its amazing effects. Some days ago someone asked me on my Facebook, how to pass a random urine drug test at work. I was about to message him when I saw this very smart comment:

How about don’t smoke weed or do any kind of drug and focus on making sure you have a good job instead of how your gonna cover up your habit that could affect your performance at that job?

Being high on weed does affect your job performance and that is a disservice to your employer. They pay you good money to do a job well and your gonna show up high and not give it your best because you wanna “get lit” or be chill. Get the fuck outta here.

A company gives you a chance to get a good job and they pay good money and they put their reputation in your hands and expect a good job from you, you owe them that much. and you just wanna weasel out of likely failing a drug test just so you can get a check and ” get yours”? How utterly disrespectful and inconsiderate that person is to an employer!

There are plenty of people who don’t do drugs or drink and they are struggling to find a job, and you can’t be man or woman enough to put down the blunt long enough to make sure you do a good job for your employer.

Human stupidity always surprise me, I do not even know this guy, how did he find my facebook page? And why did he feel the urge to shit this under my post? Never mind…I would like to answer the question regarding random drug testing.

random drug testing

Passing a random piss test at work is not that hard. These tests are always unsupervised unless you caused an accident. So if random drug testing occurs relatively often at your workplace, I advise you to keep a bottle of Su Solution synthetic urine in your desk.

Synthetic urine is the only way because detox pills and detox drinks require some preparation. If you want to use a cleansing drink, you will need a minimum of two hours of time before the test and you will also need to visit the restroom several times.

When you get drug tested at work, it usually happens fast, they give you 10-15 minutes to visit the office and submit your sample. So if you have a bottle of Sub Solution synthetic urine in your desk you can submit the sample within a few minutes.

All you need to do is to quickly fill the flask with lukewarm water, add the piss powder, shake it well let it sit for 30 seconds. Then add one-third of the heat activator powder, it will raise your sample’s temperature to the required level. You can see the temperature on the flask, if its a little bit under the required temp, add a bit more. The whole process should take less than 3 minutes.

It might sound difficult, but trust me it’s easy. If you want to be 100% safe, you can practice it at home. The clear choice now sells a new synthetic urine kit, called the „practice kit”. So when you are buying Sub Solution, at check out, you can add a practice kit for a discounted price and prepare for the battle!