detox pills for drug test

In my previous post, I mentioned how to pass a urine screening with synthetic urine. Actually using fake pee for a drug test is a foolproof way to pass them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of low-quality brands on the market and they give a bad name to this product. If for any reason you are not comfortable using synthetic urine, there are two other, relatively safe ways to pass a urine drug test.

Actually, there are 4 other ways to pass a test, but two of them are not really worth mentioning, but if you are wondering these are: natural detox and home remedies. Natural detox obviously works, but it takes minimum 10 days to clean your system if you are a heavy smoker it might take even longer, some guys are still dirty after 30 days, it depends on many factors, such as smoking habits, metabolism, diet, body type etc… The other method is actually unsafe and most of them are just urban myth. You are not going to pass a drug test with:

  • bleach drops
  • certo
  • cranberry juice
  • azul tea
  • cream of tartar

None of these hyped magic methods works, So I strongly suggest you do not waste your time and do not risk your job by using these unreliable remedies.

Proven Ways To Pass A Drug Test

The two other ways to pass a drug test are detox drinks and detox pills, both works, but in different ways. Detox pills will actually detox your system permanently and after a successful detox course you will submit a completely clean sample, however detox drinks only mask toxins and drug metabolites in your system.

Detox drinks actually work the same way as the Certo method. The only difference is they are made by professionals, a high-quality detox drink like Mega Clean or Ultra Eliminex contains the right amount of ingredients from everything. Besides your pee will be clean it will also have real human pee color, it won’t be diluted, won’t look like water.

There is a good video about using detox pills for a drug test. I will post it here under this article so you can check it right away. It’s important to mention that detox pills are not instant, getting clean is not an easy task not even with detox pills.

You will need to do natural detox and at the same time, take detox pills. These pills for speeding up the detoxification process by 50% or even more, but still you need to take care of a few things, such as: eating healthy, doing exercises (sweating helps to remove toxins), drinking lots of water and most importantly, you must stop smoking and taking drugs.

If you are on the heavier side and you smoke regularly you will need minimum 7 days to detox, I highly recommend Toxin rids 7 or 10-day detox program if you think it’s still not enough for you, simply add extra days to your detox plan. Toxin Rid is quite expensive, a 10-day course will set you back with 189$, but trust me, this is the best stuff you can buy and it will increase your chances significantly.